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Dear Sir,

How fed up can one get with the losing Remainers and non residents who spout on about the fact the UK didn’t know what it was voting for in the referendum or that the Leave politicians lied to them. Even now they think a second referendum should be held to be sure we really meant what we said and to give Boris a bloody nose. My wife and I didn’t vote to Leave because we were in Mallorca and administrators lost our postal vote but we would have definitely voted Leave given the chance. Let me point out, a lot of people didn’t believe that any politician told the total truth in the campaign, except possibly “Marmite” Nigel Farage who was as close as any. The endless debates to derail the vote for years afterwards was painful and using May to do anything proved a pointless waste of time.

Why did most of the UK population vote to leave? By far and away the main reason was the amount of uncontrollable immigration and the consequential scale of decline in social services, pressure on housing and depressed incomes for smaller businesses. This was meanly described as xenophobic and racist but as most Europeans look identical to British inhabitants that simply can not be true.

The second key issue was bureaucracy and cost. How many people are aware the hundreds of politicians claim untold expenses but have to pay any costs in cash with no receipts essential so there is no audit trail. We have the Supreme Court, House of Lords, House of Commons, County Councils, Borough and other local authorities, the police force and numerous useless quangos or talking shops that merely cost money. We have so many strata of governance why on earth do we need another that plays no part in our defense, appoints figureheads to govern us without any democratic recourse, makes the rich members pay for the poor with no recourse, allows different counties to levy taxes at whatever level they want and dishes out grants, like paying Italian farmers to count olive trees, with red tape in every sentence.

Importantly the UK was the second largest budget contributor to the EU before we left. France wrote the rules and somehow got away with paying far less for a larger, wealthy, more populated country. The UK had the same voting rights as little Estonia or Malta. The UK is the 5th largest economy in the whole world and the EU structure doesn’t work for us in the way it has gone from a trading nation to an erstwhile political body that we never voted for.

Only one country benefits massively from the EU and that is Germany. They directly benefit from a very weak currency subsidizing their exports because there are so many weak economies who have adopted, and pulled down the value of, this failing currency. They pay slightly more contributions than the UK who aren’t in the € and has no wish to join it so has none of these indirect benefits. A rebate from Thatcher’s days keeps being brought up but that has gone up but the gross contributions have exploded making the rebate comparatively irrelevant Th original rebate was partly given away by Blair anyway. Neither do we want a penpusher to tell us if we can call a Cornish Pasty, Cornish. In the Olympics and Paralympics the UK and NI were Fourth and Third respectively in the whole world league table. So what, the EU will tell all EU countries to enter as EU in future and they will come fourth as well. Is that before or after athletes are conscripted to the EU Army speaking only in the French Language as France is proposing? I am not joking.

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Not many people in the UK care about trade in goods as they are less than 10% of our economy and only 7% of companies actually trade with the EU in any case after decades of expensive membership. Duty Free is of much greater interest but this is lost on the Remainer Brigade. Services are 90% of the UK economy but most businesses are at least part American owned and not part of the EU and certainly will not be controlled in any way by them. The EU has totally failed to attract people from one of the leading economic capitals; that being London. Tokyo/Singapore, New York and London are here to stay satisfying the whole world’s economy. China my join them but the EU will not. Computer trading in securities in Holland has been very successful in € denoted trades post referendum with direct EU interference but Amsterdam was overtaken in December 2021 in this substantial but focused market sector by London, where few people moved to Holland just machines apparently. The UK economy has just hit pre-covid levels despite this pandemic and Brexit.

Our inoculation programme puts the EU to shame. They banned a British/Swedish vaccine and then sued the same company for not supplying sufficient quantities of it but because they hadn’t signed a valid contract one is told. What a shambles. Our unemployment has reduced but the EU has grown to 7.5%. We have over one million vacancies and minimum wages have been statutorily increased. Brexit has been a failure? Your readers can decide. The weather is still lousy, I give you, but we have legally committed ourselves to an omissions target. Where is the EU Target I haven’t seen one?

I can understand why members of the EU are bitter about Brexit, as are the UK Press. There is a realization that the UK have fortuitously got off a gravy chain and contributions from remaining countries will spiral upwards and beneficiaries will start losing out big time.

There isn’t any way the hopes of EU politicians can come true I believe but more inevitable is the reality all countries may end up as net contributors. We love Europeans. We love holidaying in Europe. We love the many differences and customs and even driving on the right. We don’t trust any country to protect us and the EU have shown how many teeth they have. None.

Whilst we love so many things, we just don’t want to be ruled by anybody and we aren’t coming back.