A resident walks near a building destroyed in the course of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, in the southern port city of Mariupol. | ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO


Dear Sir,

As the illegal invasion of Ukraine continues and the crimes against children continue how long will the rest of the world take to stop this senseless attack in EUROPE on a non aggressive, sovereign country? What will it take before the rest of the FREE world decides enough is enough? How many children must die, innocent civilians murdered, raped, tortured and shot whilst collecting bread and daily provisions before the free world, the democracies actually step up and stop it?

Whilst I fully understand NATO is unable to act, maybe it is time to disband NATO and start again with a better system that can and will protect innocent civilians against an aggressive country. The UN has finally proved to be an expensive, bureaucratic, toothless, sabre rattling mouthpiece, gagged by Russia?

The UN has no place in 2022, unless it can expel the aggressor and take action to save the lives of our European citizens. It has proved itself obsolete, outdated and useless except for unheeded words.

I have eight Ukrainian refugees living in my house. They don’t want to be here, they want to go home but they know that the West will not protect them and that is the basic problem. The West is scared to help them. But it’s prepared to supply some military equipment to help them fight an enemy several times larger than itself and Europe is prepared to sit on its hands and watch from the sidelines?

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. However you look at it, we are failing as humans to step in and help our neighbours when they need us and as a result we risk losing Ukraine to the Russians and as has already been proven, Putin has no intention to stop once he has Ukraine. This is Hitler MKII, have we learnt nothing?


Martin Whyte