Katrin Kirk, Monica Moe and Anja Kleener. | The Beehive


How did The BeeHive start and what is it? I had never heard of the BeeHive when I found the door just off the busy Saturday market in Alaro in 2018. I peeked inside and fell in love with the busy atmosphere straight away. In all rooms and different corners there was a new artist exposing their work and the varieties were enormous.

I got a hold of one of the founders who I knew from before, Anja Kleener and I asked her who came up with the original idea of the BeeHive? “We were 3 Danes living in Alaro. None of us knew each other, but we did know that the other Danes were artists too. After some investigation we had a coffee together which resulted that today we are the three queen bees behind The BeeHive. The project started after Katrin Kirk had hosted a Christmas market in the old Shoe Factory underneath her private home in Alaro.

Katrin Kirk is a Danish sculptor artist, who works with metal mesh. Monica Moe and Anja Kleener are the two other Danish artists, both painters and together they quickly became the force behind the BeeHive.

“In May 2018 we hosted our first BeeHive pop-up with around 20 to 25 participants, and it was a huge success, which we repeated at least once a month for the next year and a half. We represented everything from paintings, sculptures, ceramics, fashion design, jewellery design, great food, music and so much more.

“We always curated and styled the pop-ups in a way that brought it all together as a whole in a sensational and interesting way. And that is where our magic lies and what makes it a BeeHive pop-up.

“After a super intense time, we took a break over winter, and then came corona lockdown, followed by the difficult times from which we seem to be finally leaving behind us.

“During the time BeeHive has been closed, we have been running our Instagram and Facebook pages to create a supporting art community and to inspire potential customers to meet the independent creators here in Mallorca. We have been featuring artists and creators on our pages free of charge – all done out of love for the creative people and forces on this beautiful island. Our aim has been to present the faces behind the products and by doing so making local and international artists more visible.

“We feel that the time is right to come back to the physical world, but not exactly in the same way we used in the BeeHive, this time we go BIG. Our idea is to do fewer open days or pop-ups but in a bigger scale and often in cooperation with others, like this upcoming exclusive pop-up, which we are planning together with Ses Rotes, a beautiful vineyard and equestrian centre just outside Esporles. Ses Rotes is owned by Dan and Scandinavian Emily Marsh.

“This beautiful Finca has an amazing indoor space which will be the location for our one and only summer pop-up. We will be presenting art, design, furniture, jewellery, a sandal workshop, great food, and music and of course the local wine of Ses Rotes.”

We proudly and excitedly present our long anticipated @thealarobeehive exclusive Pop-Up event on Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5, in collaboration with the most beautiful Finca, vineyard and equestrian centre - Ses Rotes.

This Pop-Up will take place in the ‘Finca Ses Rotes, Wine & Horses’. Not in the usual BeeHive space in Alaro! It will be an adult only (16+). No dogs at event, due to the nature of the event space.
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