Protecting our Mediterranean sea and surroundings . | Aniol Esteban


A new legislature is always a good time to take stock and define new objectives and roadmaps. But those of Marilles Foundation have not changed at all. Our objective is to help the Balearic Islands become a world reference in marine conservation. This vision is shared by a large part of Balearic society and we hope it will also be a priority for our autonomous, insular, and local governments, regardless of their colour.

We know what needs to be done. The Balearic Blue Deal details a very clear roadmap: create marine sanctuaries to fill our sea with life; fish in a sustainable, harmless way so that we will have more and better fish in our islands; ensure clean and crystalline waters; and recover and strengthen the populations of emblematic species and habitats such as seahorses, corals, shallow bays, and coralligenous seabeds among others. And, above all, to provide the necessary funding for real management of these resources, because the sea gives us everything but we invest very little in its protection.

Photo: Sebastia torrens

All this will only be possible if there is political will and if Balearic society asks for it. The second condition has already been fulfilled: More than 150 companies and associations have publicly asked the new governments of the Islands to make a greater commitment to the conservation of the sea and the Balearic coast. We hope that the political will, will soon become visible.

The conservation of the sea and the Balearic coast did not have the presence we would have liked in the investiture speech. But we cling with hope to one phrase of the new president of the Balearic Government, Marga Prohens, concerning the future Ministry of the Sea, a ministry that will be - among other things - “responsible for policies on the coast and, of course, for the protection of the sea”.

We hope that this will be the case and that the new Ministry of the Sea, with the support of many other government departments, will take forward the commitments and measures of the Balearic Blue Deal. Marilles will continue to contribute our grain of sand to make this possible. We are at the disposal of all the political forces that want to walk in this direction: that of a sea and a coast in an excellent state of conservation, full of life and a source of wealth, enjoyment, and welfare for all.