Aniol Esteban
Aniol Esteban

Director de Fundación Marilles

Marine biologist and environmental economist with managerial experience in the third sector. Leading a new initiative to turn the Balearics into a beacon of marine conservation. Working with multiple stakeholders in the four islands (Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera) to demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile economic prosperity with one of the best preserved marine and coastal environments in the Mediterranean.


Wishes for 2024 in the Balearic Islands

It is shared by more than 200 companies and entities in the Balearic Islands.

Aniol Esteban 31/01/2024 15:44


Tourism and the environment

The slogan “less tourism, more life” reminds us of the negative implications tourism has on the territory and its people.

Aniol Esteban 27/11/2023 17:21


Effects of a boiling sea

A few weeks after an intense DANA (isolated depression at high levels) and with record temperatures, not only in our waters but also on a global scale, it is time to talk again about the worrying warming that our waters are suffering.

Aniol Esteban 02/10/2023 14:17


The more information, the better sea quality

A lack of data limits our ability to manage the pressures on the sea and the Balearic coast.

Aniol Esteban 23/08/2023 08:36


Legislature and Ministry of the Sea?

Our objective is to help the Balearic Islands become a world reference in marine conservation.

Aniol Esteban 17/07/2023 13:22


A political compromise that looks to the sea

More than 150 companies and organisations have joined forces to ask all political parties to put marine conservation at the centre of future government action.

Aniol Esteban 21/06/2023 13:58


More marine protected areas

These perfectly achievable objectives represent a medium- to long-term investment. We know that for every €1 invested in a marine protected area (MPA) we get a wellspring of benefits.

Aniol Esteban 23/10/2022 19:35