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Shoal of barracudas (Sphyraena) photographed during a dive at El Toro’s buoy 6, at a very shallow depth.


More marine protected areas

These perfectly achievable objectives represent a medium- to long-term investment. We know that for every €1 invested in a marine protected area (MPA) we get a wellspring of benefits.

Aniol Esteban23/10/2022 19:35


The gas trap

Current geopolitical challenges have given gas a new lease of life.

Marilles Foundation29/08/2022 13:00


From collective failure to collective success

More than 150 countries have committed to conserve or protect at least 30% of the oceans with marine protected areas (MPAs) and other effective conservation measures by 2030.

Marilles Foundation23/07/2022 16:13

Cala Saona beach in Formentera


Investing to protect our seas

The sea gives us everything: fish, recreation, climate regulation, biodiversity, health, education, etc.

Marilles Foundation12/07/2022 10:35


MPA's final event in Palma

MPAs are an essential tool for the conservation of the sea.

Marilles Foundation19/06/2022 10:30

Balearic beach


Erosion and worsening water quality threaten the islands' beaches

The 2022 Balearic Sea Report has compiled updated information on the state of the islands’ beaches.

Marilles Foundation|Natalia Barrientos04/06/2022 09:30

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Posidonia in 2050?

Does this mean that we must stop our efforts to conserve this valuable habitat that provides us with so many benefits?

Marilles Foundation11/03/2022 12:17

Please, do your part to preserve our sharks and rays - Isaias Cruz


Citizens science and shark conservation

Please, do your part to preserve our sharks and rays. Get involved.

Marilles Foundation25/02/2022 15:11

Fornells (Minorca)


Together for the Med

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most overfished regions in the world, particularly endangering its native sharks.

Marilles Foundation11/02/2022 10:48

Marine Cititzen Science


Balance and future challenges

Let’s make 2022 a particularly successful year for the conservation of the Balearic Sea.

Marilles Foundation28/01/2022 11:07

Marilles Foundation Mallorca

Marilles Foundation Mallorca

Marilles Foundation Majorca

Miquel Gomila 19/11/2021

Xavier Mas Ferrà - Observadores del Mar


A colourful sea at risk: The decline of corals and gorgonians

If you find corals and gorgonians underwater, take a photo of them and upload your observation to specifying their level of affectation.

Marilles foundation22/10/2021 12:33

Xavier Mas Ferrà - Observadores del Mar

Xavier Mas Ferrà - Observadores del Mar

Xavier Mas Ferrà - Observadores del Mar

Xavier Mas Ferrà 22/10/2021