South African Stewardess, Lelani Le Roux has three years of yatching experience. | Erica Lay


Each week Erica Lay, owner of ELCREW CO International Yacht Crew Agency talks to a crew member currently in Mallorca either seeking work or based here to learn a little more about our local yachting community. For more info on any of our stars featured here,
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Today I’m speaking with South African Stewardess, Lelani Le Roux. She’s currently back in Mallorca after bouncing around the Med all summer, looking for a Stewardess position ideally on a sailing yacht.

Q.— What attracted you to Mallorca?
A. — “Other than the fact that it’s easy for me to walk into another Saffa around any corner or marina, I have friends here. We have a South African Restaurant here with owners that feel like my other parents away from home.”

(EL) Is that the Crow’s Nest in Cala Major? All the SA crew love it there – Estelle (the owner) is the local surrogate South African Mum bless her!
A. — “Yes! Mallorca has everything you need. Palma isn’t a big city, so by hopping into a taxi or a bus, you can go quickly inland and experience nature, smaller towns with loads of history and gorgeous buildings. Also, the local people are friendly.”

Q.— What’s your background before yachting?
A. — “I was a businesswoman and sales consultant.”

Q.— When/how did you join the yachting industry?
A. — “I woke up one morning and decided that there must be more to life than the rat race. It wasn’t the work that was the problem so much as being a slave to the survival of pay cheque to pay cheque living.”

Q.—What training have you done?
A. — “STCW, and I was also privileged to receive informal one on one training with Sharon Thompson from Fabulous Fusion on Décor, Silver Service, Table Styling and Floristry.”

Q.—Any achievements or special things stick out?
A. — “This might be laughable, but I think coming into this industry at a mature age and being humbled again to enjoy life and be thankful for everything life has to offer, whether it be the good or the bad. You learn on every boat you get on, no matter what age or life experience difference there is, so your tunnel vision broadens. You also learn something new every season. Just when you think, “Okay, I think I’m getting the hang of this” you find yourself in another “green period” looking for work and surviving till then.”

Q.—What’s the best or most rewarding thing about your job?
A. — “I love being on the ocean. And I, contrary to popular belief, like to clean. Hahaha, yes, it is something that clears my head.”

Q.—What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. — “Open minded crew who can take a joke and not take everything literally and the memories you get to make with them.”

Q.—What’s the most challenging part of your job?
A. — “Those tired overworked days when you still have to smile and wave. Wait, no, the constant having to say goodbye to people. Okay the worst is the searching for a job in the wrong time of any season.”

Q.—What’s next for you?
A. — Even though I feel confident in being a stewardess, I have mostly been Sole. I still have a lot to learn even though I will be going into my third year of Yachting. I would love to do extra courses and improve my skills in all areas, interior and exterior.

Q.—What’s your ideal destination to travel to on a yacht? Maybe you’ve already been there?
A. —”Oh wow, the world is big, and I still have much to explore and see. I have too many answers for this question.

Q.—What do you like to do when you’re not working?
A. — “Apart from spending time with friends, there’s a lot of hiking and nature in Mallorca I have not yet been able to explore and experience.”

Q.—Who in the world would you love to have on board and why?
A. — “Being an 80’s baby there are a couple of Rock legends I want to meet, so Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger to start.”

Q.—Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still in Mallorca? Still working on yachts?
A. — “This is the timeline I have given myself to achieve the goals I have set for myself, and knowing myself as the stubborn and goal driven woman I am, I will have reached them and will be moving onto the next adventure.”