Manuel Butler, the Director at Spanish Tourist Office in London. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Manuel Butler, head of the Spanish tourist office in London, said the number of tourists from the UK should return to pre-Brexit levels this summer. He said, "This first post-Brexit summer we should welcome British tourists with open arms."

Although Brexit rules came into force last summer, many Britons did not travel abroad because of Covid restrictions.

Butler said he knew Britons would face delays at airport passport control this summer. Britons now have to stamp their passports to enter and leave Spain and can no longer use the same routes used by EU tourists.

Portugal recently decided to allow British tourists to enter the country quickly using electronic gates. Butler said he saw nothing positive in Portugal's decision and was unaware that Spain would do the same.

He said: "The outcome could be neutral or negative, we have to see." Tourists going to Portugal still have to stamp their passports on entry and exit, so it is assumed that only part of the visiting process will be streamlined.

Butler said he felt British tourists were now more concerned about sustainability than in previous years.

And, Butler is by no means concerned about other destinations slashing their prices, in fact he was keen to point out that due to rising fuel and operating costs flights to the likes of Turkey and Greece will be more expensive than Spain and the Balearics.

“There is huge pent up demand in the UK and millions of people are desperate to get away, to travel.
“It’s too early to talk about numbers, but flight capacity between the UK and the Balearics is just three percent lower than in 2019 and I envisage robust recuperation in the UK market in the Balearics, so much so, it could prove to be an even stronger summer than 2019.

“And, Mallorca will sell because of what Mallorca stands for and represents in the market.
“It’s a tried and tested quality destination which is safe.

“There are countries in the Eastern Mediterranean which still have Covid restrictions in place and the health situation is not as secure and people will be taking that into account when booking.

“The war has not dented the UK’s desire to travel and Mallorca is proving to be as attractive, if not more so, than ever and I can see a very strong summer 2022 coming,” Butler told the Bulletin last month in Palma.