The UK market is performing much better than last year in Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Hotel bookings in Mallorca up until May 31 were much higher than last year, according to the Federation of Small and Medium Businesses in Mallorca (Pimem).
And the best performing market is the UK.

According to Pimem, the UK market is performing much better than last year with bookings already higher, the only downside being that the domestic Spanish market appears to have stagnated.

The federation’s fifth Tourism Recovery Report states that this season will outperform 2019, providing that the socio-economic and political environment remains unchanged and that the volume of bookings increases over the next few months.

Pimem Executive Committee member Luis Sánchez said that there are currently 35% more bookings than in 2021, more than 45% more hotel nights, and that the average stay is at least eight days.
With regard to the type of customer visiting the islands, the majority are still looking for the sun and beach, but there are also those who visit the islands for culture, sport and gastronomy.
In addition, there are more repeat customers.

“A repeat customer is a quality customer, someone who takes care of where they go. We have to get these customers to come back and enjoy themselves so that they return home and recommend Mallorca”, remarked Sánchez. To ensure that happens the entire tourist industry must work on “loyalty”.

Sánchez also warned that hotels must be prepared for a wave of last minute bookings. 80 percent of holidays sold in May were booked in the same month.

The report concludes that a major push needs to be made to extend the season. Apparently, October is looking very encouraging, but after that, at the moment, there is a sharp fall in bookings.