Balearic hotel bookings have taken a tumble over the past week. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Hotel bookings on the TravelGateX platform have fallen by 14.1% in the Balearics over the past week, although they remain 4.6% above 2021 levels for the same dates and are three times higher (221.7%) than in 2020, the year marked by the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Balearics was the fourth most booked Spanish region on the platform during the past week, with a 11.95% market share, placing it behind Andalusia, Catalonia and the Canary Islands and ahead of Madrid.

For Spain as a whole, ‘last minute’ bookings (one day or less in advance) accounted for 12.3% of the total, and bookings two to three days in advance accounted for 8.9%. 14.8% of bookings are made about one week in advance, 14.5% about two weeks and 19.2% about one month. 9.5% are made more than three months in advance.

The majority are couples (50%), followed by single people (29.9%), groups (12.7%) and families (6.7%). Almost half of the bookings (49.4%) are for stays of two to five nights, and 31.5% for one night only.

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The most important source markets over the past week were the domestic market (almost 70% of bookings), the United Kingdom (11.5%), Germany (2.7%) and the United States (1.8%).