Christian Roses. | Jaime Mora


The job title for Christian Roses is executive producer at Pirates Village in Santa Ponsa, the themed hotel that opened in 2013. Since April this year, he has been the president of the Santa Ponsa hoteliers association, and he is happy to report that the 2022 season has been "very good" not just in terms of tourist business but also from the point of view of "incidents".

"It has been a summer without scandals (in the Ramón de Montcada area) and we must congratulate all those involved. There is political firmness to put an end to tourism of excess, and it is being achieved more quickly than anyone expected with the participation of the security forces and hoteliers themselves. We apply a firm hand."

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On business this summer, he explains that it hasn't been better than 2019 but very similar in general terms. "Yes, the uncertainty for this season was enormous, the expectations were uncertain, but for that reason it has left a better taste in our mouths." But he adds that there is definitely less profit. "We have tried to improve cost management, but it has been impossible to compensate for the growth of inflation."

This summer is one thing. What about 2023 season? There has been much talk about difficulties that lie ahead, and Christian Roses is obviously aware of "indicators that invite a certain pessimism". "But I can't do anything in this regard, so I have no choice but to work and continue taking care of my clients, trusting that next season will be good." And bookings tell him that it will be good. "Reservations for 2023 are equal to or better now than what we had a year ago for 2022."

Energy crisis, inflation, the economic situation in the UK. The indicators are there, but he says that "speculating is always difficult and dangerous". "We must learn from what has happened to us. No one believed, for example, that a virus would force us to close not just for one but for two seasons. But fear doesn't help. And we shouldn't now start thinking about the bad things that may happen in the future."