Balearic holidays are going to cost more for Britons. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The fall out from Brexit appears to be never ending for Britons, especially those wishing to travel and enjoy life.

From the end of this year, UK travellers looking to go to certain countries will need to get a ETIAS visa.
The changes mean an extra £6.20 will be added to the cost of travel.

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) will be a mandatory requirement for many travellers going to Schengen member states.
They include countries like Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Italy and more.

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Travellers will need to fill in an online application form via the official ETIAS website or the mobile app.
It will cost seven euros or £6.20 to complete.

It was announced by the European Commission in November 2016 and was implemented into legislation in September 2018. The intention of forming the system was to improve the security of EU member states within the Schengen region by capturing data on travellers that currently visit the area without a visa.

The ETIAS will pre-screen travellers from “third-countries”, who are citizens from countries not needing a Schengen Visa. The screening would pertain to terrorism or migration related risks. The objective is to identify individuals who pose security threats before they are able to travel to the Schengen area.

ETIAS is not a visa, it is a visa waiver, similar to the U.S. ESTA and Canadian eTA. Travelers currently visiting European Member countries visa-free, will require an ETIAS from 2023 onwards. Passport holders of the EU single market are exempt from ETIAS.