Being made to watch sport while on holiday is a big turn off. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorca is set for an influx of single holiday makers from the UK this year and easyJet has launched a special programme for Brits planning on travelling alone.

Research, by easyJet Holidays, found that there has been an 83 per cent surge in demand for solo trips on Valentine’s Day since last year and Mallorca is one of the top five most popular destinations.

According easyJet’s findings, those treating themselves to a trip say past experiences have put them off taking a romantic holiday with a partner – with 35 per cent admitting it exposed cracks in the relationship.

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One in four (26 per cent) claim they didn’t get the holiday they wanted, and 30 per cent say they didn’t get to do things they enjoyed.

As a result, easyJet Holidays is launching cheaper solo packages, dubbed “Solidays”, for Valentine’s Day, as well as offering a £100 discount for those going it alone.

Paul Bixby, Commercial Director at easyJet Holidays, said: “It’s clear that there’s a rising trend in solo travel, which is why we’re showing some love to our single customers this Valentine’s Day – offering a special deal for those looking to plan a voyage of self-discovery, or just enjoy some well-earned me-time.”

Apparently, the biggest turn-offs for travelling with a partner: public rows (21%), getting too drunk at dinner (15%). smelly bathroom habits (10%) and being forced to watch sports abroad (13%).