Spanish students arriving at the airport. | Laura Becerra


According to Delem Ocio, a company which specialises in end-of-course holidays for Spanish students, Mallorca is losing its appeal. One reason is that the island has become increasingly expensive, but the CEO of Delem Ocio, Juan Manuel López, also points to "total harassment from the institutions". "They discriminate against us. The hoteliers are afraid of the daily inspections."

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Last year, 25 hotels were involved in accommodating the students. The number is down by almost a half. It is estimated that the 2023 end-of-course holidays will attract some 18,000 students to Arenal and Magalluf, whereas there were 25,000 last year. Always overlooked in these figures are the students who go to Bellevue in Alcudia. But the number there also appears to be down on previous years.

López says that student spending during their five-day stays will be lower this year. "What we are seeing is that they are offering less service at a more expensive price. The island is no longer a pleasant destination for young people. It's more worthwhile going to Riviera Maya for a week than five days in Mallorca."