Spanish students arriving at the airport. | Laura Becerra


On Saturday, the first groups of Spanish students travelling to Mallorca for end-of-course holidays arrived at the airport and the port. Some 22,000 are expected over the next three to four weeks, the majority based in Arenal, with others in Magalluf and Alcudia.

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Aged 17 and 18, the anticipation is of five days of partying - five days being the typical length of stay. One said: "We expect to sleep only a little and party a lot." Another joked: "Rest? We'll rest after Mallorca."

The main organisers of these holidays is Unicampus, which has arrangements with sixteen hotels. It is understood that this agency and others have been making clear to their student clients that there are penalties for antisocial behaviour, the authorities in Arenal having adopted specific measures this year, such as fencing off the beach at night.