The 9-H Palma seaplane has been undergoing tests.


Isla Air Express is a Palma-based company which intends offering a seaplane service that will initially operate in the Balearics before expanding to flights to and from Alicante and Valencia.

Last week, there were test flights of a DHC6-300 Twin Otter seaplane named 9-H Palma. These were on the Berre Lagoon near Marseille and were one step further in realising the ambition to provide inter-island flights and ultimately ones to the mainland.

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The plane has two crew and can carry fifteen passengers. The company is now hopeful of being able to stage demonstration flights in the Balearics.

Getting the go-ahead for seaplane flights in the Balearics will require convincing various administrations, such as the Balearic Ports Authority and the Enaire air navigation company.