The British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott said there could be news next week. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Judging by the comments on social media today, British residents caught in the driving licence trap are not happy.

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott today gave what he called an update, but it doesn't appear to have given stranded Britons much hope.

“A brief message to keep you up to date with the driving licence negotiations. We know that progress is slower than both you and we would like, and that is frustrating. We are still working through the final technicalities with the Spanish government and hope to have a more substantive update next week.

“We are very aware of the difficulties that this is causing some of you and that the expected heatwave this coming week could be particularly challenging. Resolving this remains our top priority and we will continue to update you on this channel (Twitter),“ Elliott stated.

However, with the British government in chaos and Spain about to go on its summer holidays, should the July deadline the Ambassador mentioned last month be missed, it could be September or October.