Blue Badge complications for British drivers. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


While thousands of British residents in Spain eagerly await news regarding when they can get back on the road and the negotiations between the UK and Spain on the use of British driving licences or the proposed new exchange scheme is resolved - which is due to be this week, it appears that Brexit or no longer being a member of the EU has thrown up another problem.

The latest issue is about the validity of Blue Badges for British drivers in the EU zone.

Blue Badge holders are being warned that their documents might not be recognised in European countries including France and Spain this summer as a result of post-Brexit negotiations which remain unresolved.

11 European nations, including Spain, have yet to decide if a UK-issued Blue Badge, which enables people with disabilities or health conditions to park closer to their destination, is a document they are willing to recognise.

The AA, which has slammed the position as "simply unnacceptable", is warning travellers they risk parking fines, having their car clamped or even towed away, if they use a disabled parking space in a country, which since the UK left the EU, has failed to decide if it will continue to accept such documents.