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The Academy International School, established in 1985, is proud to be the first International British School to bring the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to Mallorca. In a beautiful setting in the Mallorcan countryside students enquire, discover, analyse and evaluate. They are creative, innovative and proud to be part of this school community.

The Academy teaching team accompanies the students on a wonderful learning journey from our Nursery classrooms all the way through to IBDP. They follow the English National Curriculum from Nursery to Year 11, and our sixth form course offers the IBDP for students to have direct access to universities around the world.

The IBDP offers students, aged 16 to 18, the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects which enables them to keep all the doors open for further study. All students study six subjects as part of the diploma. They study languages, sciences, maths, humanities and the arts. Our linguists can take 3 different languages, while also continuing with maths, science and humanities.

Wonderful Weather for Teaching and Learning Outside

Students who would like to continue to study science-based courses can choose from physics, biology, chemistry and/or environmental science. Since introducing the IBDP in 2017 we have celebrated fantastic exam results with our students. Every year our average scores exceed the world average, 100% of students who do the full diploma have received their diploma, and Academy students have reached 44 of a maximum 45 points.

The programme is enriched by the study of three core elements, extended essay writing; theory of knowledge; and creativity, activity and service (CAS). The students receive guidance in how to research and write an extended essay linked to one of the IB subject areas. This study is an amazing preparation for university when the skills developed during the IB course will be put to great use.

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The theory of knowledge prompts the students to question how they know what they know. They look at sources of information, bias and perceptions. To complete the CAS course the students do different activities over the two-year course to show their creativity, and commitment to being an active citizen, making self- improvements, and improvements locally or globally. Students are encouraged, supported and challenged. They are offered a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by motivated and creative teachers, to ensure that learning is effective and promotes a lifelong passion for education.

They are prepared to compete in a rapidly changing international marketplace where academic content is important, but is no longer enough.

In today’s evolving global society, inquiry, critical thinking, and international mindedness are essential skill sets that students must have to determine their success as a leader and in the workforce.

At The Academy the students complete collaborative projects, oral presentations, essay writing, inquiry-based experiments, and take part in discussion and debate that mirror what they will experience in the challenging fields they hope to enter after university. The students see how our school connects with the world at large through community projects and activities locally, nationally and internationally.

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