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Green Fingers

The Junior School garden was a hive of activity last week as the students planted a wide range of plants and seeds. They enjoyed the sunny weather and were all working together.

Green Fingers Year 1

Art & Geography at the Aquarium

Our Year 10 students went to visit the Palma Aquarium and spent some time at the beach nearby. The geographers had a talk about the importance of the Mediterranean Sea and then explored the rest of the aquarium, looking specifically at species diversity and threats in the coral reef environment, as well as biodiversity and species adaptation in the tropical rainforests section.

Palma Aquarium

They then practised some fieldwork techniques on the beach by carrying out a beach profile analysis using ranging poles, clinometers, and tape measures
The artists did sketching, getting inspiration for their Nature of the Beast unit in IGCSE art.

They took advantage of the great selection of sea creatures, trying to capture as much detail as possible. The museum staff and visitors were very interested by their drawings.
They all had lunch together at the beach and then did their fieldwork activities.

Learning how to make jam

Making Jam

Year 2 had great fun making strawberry jam in the courtyard. They are learning all about food and farming as part of their geography topic. They were so happy to taste their delicious jam.