The Early Years Explore New Themes | The Academy

At The Academy School we had a lovely first week back with the students in Junior and Senior School settling back quickly and enjoying the start of this term’s topics.

The Early Years Explore New Themes

As we wake up to icy mornings Ms Brenda and the Nursery students are looking at animals and how they keep warm in their natural environment. They read a story about winter animals in the snow, and some of the children made small world environments for their polar bears, killer whales, reindeers and snow leopards.

Practical Science DP2

They are looking at winter clothes because we have to keep warm too, and the children are going to make creative woolly hats and mittens. They have started designing their own patterns, using paint and rollers.

The Early Years Explore New Themes- R1 brocoli

Reception 1 had a lovely week with their friends after the holidays.

Practical Science- Y9

They went for a walk around school to look for signs of winter and noticed that fruit and vegetables were growing in the garden.

A perfect opportunity to enjoy some oranges in the garden!

The children were also very excited to see that the broccoli had grown.

Sant Antoni

Reception 2 have been looking at the story The Hungry Caterpillar as part of their new topic on minibeasts and their Talk for Writing activities.
They had great fun making handprint Caterpillars.

Sant Antoni celebrations

In the Spanish culture classes our students discussed the different Majorcan traditions that take place to mark the St Anthony celebrations around the island and the Spanish teachers explained how the traditions originated.

Practical Science

Our students love doing experiments in the labs at school, both in Junior and Senior school. Luckily, our chemists, Ms Jaghani and Mr Davda, love doing experiments too.

The Early Years Explore New Themes

Last week they were learning, hands-on about chemical reactions, how to carry out scientific tests, and the electrolysis of copper sulphate solution.