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We are very proud of all The Academy students for the amazing enthusiasm and support on World Water Day!

Last week, the students to celebrate UN World Water Day on Tuesday 22nd all students arrived at school dressed in blue.

Together we raised almost €406.60 in support of WaterAid, a charity that transforms lives by improving access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

In preparation for the day, Ms McLoughlin’s Year 8 students designed informative posters for an exhibition in the Senior School, with the aim of highlighting the importance of conserving water and being mindful of how we use water in our daily lives. Teachers were invited to a lunchtime exhibition and water tasting event, where students presented and discussed their posters with teachers.

Blue Day - nursery

Sofia and Briana hosted an interesting water tasting experience, which challenged teachers to test their taste buds with a variety of natural sparkling and still mineral waters. Other events included a UN statistics based scavenger hunt, a secondary student water usage survey and journalism. In the Junior School the children did water surveys, discussed ways to conserve water and our youngest students became Water Superheroes all in blue to show that they are going to lead the way with their care and respect for how we use water.

Out and About

We are so pleased that in spite of the bad forecast the weather did not stop our different groups going out on different excursions during the last fortnight.

A visit to the Miró Foundation gave students in Year 2A and Year 2B the opportunity to see the artist’s workshop and talk about his paintings. After the visit the students had their picnic lunch in the gardens of the Foundation and did some fun activities and sketching.

Sofia and Briana hosted an interesting water tasting experience

As part of the History syllabus Year 4A and Year 4B visited the exhibition “Pharaoh, King of Egypt” in the cultural centre CaixaForum in Palma where they learnt some new information about ancient Egypt through the figure of the pharaoh and consolidated what they have been learning in class.

Year 5 also visited CaixaForum to participate in an interactive workshop about planets and stars, the existence of day, night and seasons of the year, the changes of the moon and the stories behind the names of the constellations, a subject they are studying this term.
Year 7 had a great time visiting the Rafa Nadal Museum.

They loved all the interactive and virtual reality simulators to get close to experiencing extreme sports and competitions.

Year 5 also visited CaixaForum to participate in an interactive workshop about planets and stars

They came back to school inspired and very impressed after seeing all the trophies and sports memorabilia in the exhibition room.