The Queen’s College staff, pupils and their families united in the spirit of Christmas, raising money for charity at their anual Christmas Fair at the end of November. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine reminding us all that the return of the fair after two years without it, was something to be truly appreciated!

The secondary children and their tutors prepared fabulous games and activities, parents set up a wonderful tapas stall of tasty food for a family lunch. Amazing cakes and cookies were donated for a late breakfast or afternoon tea. The year 5 and 6 children made cupcakes, cookies and prepared a lucky dip; a huge teddy was donated and a group raised money by guessing his name. Everywhere you looked you could see smiling children with painted faces deciding where to spend their pocket money.

Donated books and toys found new homes and the various “tombolas” ensured that everyone had something to take home.

To the excitement of the youngest children, Father Christmas arrived to the sound of sleigh bells and took away countless Christmas wishes.

The Golden Wheel closed the fair as it spun for the generously donated prizes from so many Queen’s parents.

Over 11,200 euros were raised; along with money to be raised from the Christmas Giving Tree project just before the end of term, cheques will be handed over to Aspanob, RANA, Amigos de la Ucrania and Save the Med at the Christmas celebration in Genova Church on Tuesday December 20th.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Queen’s College Christmas Fair a huge success!