Back to school for some more outdoor play with our treasures! | Queen's College

The primary children at Queen's College are so lucky to have "the wonders of nature" on their doorstep!

Year 5 students creating nature collages (also below).

The Year 5 pupils gathered leaves, petals and grasses from the forest area and from their own gardens to create their very own "natural art". The results were stunning!

The Reception children have been making magical potions from bits and pieces they found in the forest.

Mixing their potions created so many opportunities to explore language as they crushed and stirred their ingredients and invented magicals spells to go with their very own "pot" of magic!

Nursery, back in the classroom - cutting, sticking and numbers!
In the waiting room at the "doctors" - Nursery role play

Whenever possible the Early Years team get out into the forest to read stories, play circle games, explore, investigate, sing and dance.