These two girls from Queen's College performed their own routine. | Youtube: Majorca Daily Bulletin TV


The last week of the summer term was a busy one at Queen's College. The primary children were busy rehearsing throughout May for their end of year performance, "The Song of the Jellicles" based on the musical CATS.

One hundred and forty four cats took part in the show; Year 3 were magical cats with sparkly waistcoats, top hats, bow ties and magical wands, they were magnificently led by Mr Mistofolees, the greatest conjuring cat! Mistofolees was played by the very dapper looking Oskar with his sparkly green bow tie and his magical wand and cheekily tilted hat!

Year 4 were "pirate - styled" cats, dark and dashing and constantly in search of MACAVITY - convincingly played by Marcos in Year 6!

The Year 5 children were dressed as "mail train workers" led by SKIMBLESHANKS, played by Pau R from Year 6. Skimble's gang looked amazing in flat caps and braces, totally prepared for their busy schedules in the luggage van.

The story was beautifully narrated by the Year 6 students - the girls were all GUMBIE CATS, black and white kittens who were all excited about DEUTERONOMY'S selection for the Heavyside Layer. Old Deuteronomy was played by Pau C in full furry number (despite the heat and on his insistence!) - his tone and diction was wonderfully important and made everyone sit up and listen to his wise words.

MUNGOJERRIE AND RUMPLETEAZER were played by Veva and June; the girls beautifully choreographed their own dance which included a gymnastics routine.

Esteve's portrayal of the RUM TUM TUGGER reminded us of John Travolta in Grease; he was hilariously full of himself - and there was "nothing anyone could do about it!" The Year 6 boys really did have moves like Jagger in Tugger's number!

JENNYANYDOTS was played by Olivia who also helped with the choreography for many of the dances as the chief Gumbie Cat! GRIZABELLA was played by Alicia who brought pathos and fragility to her role with graceful moves and her sad facial expressions.

Queen's College news: The Song of the Jellicles

Every member of the Year 6 group had a part to play in the narration and impressed everyone with their recitals of "The Naming of Cats" and the "Jellicle Ball" - a demanding script!

Every single cat had their face painted in the style of their character.

The primary team would like to thank the parents for their support and attention to detail with costumes and face paints!

The Song of the Jellicles was a beautiful performance!