Getting a residence permit

Residence permit


Who gets stressed completing paperwork, especially if your Spanish or Catalan isn’t great? I decided that now would be a great time to tick our boxes and get my husband and I’s funky new TIE (Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero - Foreign identity) card. First step: make an appointment online, perhaps we were lucky but there didn’t seem to be a problem with this.

To make an appointment on line go to

In the box named Tramites Cuerpo Nacional de Policia, select the last but one option which says Bexit at the end. A new window opens in Spanish with links to EX-23, scroll down and click entrar.

New Window: Put your NIE and name click Aceptar. Another window opens and shows the appointment you booked, if correct Select Solicitar Cita, then choose Mallorca CNP Policia Documentacion and click Siguiente.

Next window add in your phone number, email address and press Siguienta. Choose an appointment time. A Pin code will be sent to you by text, enter that on the page and the appointment is made.

Print out the appointment page. We have only just made our residencia permanent and are in possession of the little green card shaped paper and so we duly completed the EX23 form or rather my husband was tasked with this.

Just a few things that may help:

Complete section 1 leaving the last line blank (this is for a representative potentially doing the form for you), ignore section 2, complete section 3 and in section 4.1 tick Tarjeta Incicial and in section 4.2 tick the option that applies to you. We ticked the 2nd option. that say Residencia con certificado de registro de ciudadano de la union. Sign the page in section 4. EX23 form can be downloaded from here:

Next we completed the Modelo 790:

Tick the box called Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Union.

The payment of 12 euros will autofill on the form. Print the form off (there will be 3 pages) and go to the bank to pay it. Make sure to have the receipt.

Modelo 790 from here:

Don’t forget to have a couple of photos taken and you also need a photocopy of your passport. So at your appointment to change from a permanante green residencia card to TIE you will have: your passport, a copy of your passport, your payment receipt from the bank, the piece of paper with the appointment on it, the completed and signed form and your green residencia card/paper and your photo, make sure its a good one, it lasts for ten years!

Arriving at the Oficina de Extranjeria office, which is behind and along a bit from the Palacio Congresos, we were really lucky and managed to park right outside but you do generally have to drive about a little. We groaned at the sight of the queue snaking to the end of the building but joined and prepared for a long wait as we had been warned, we were at least 40 minutes early. Well I think things may have changed recently because the queue suddenly dispersed with the police man at the door asking everyone what they were there for and directing the queue appropriately. You will be going in the right hand side door.

If you don’t speak Spanish just say Brexit!

Entering the building after a 10 minute wait we were directed through the xray machines and then to a room in front of us and to the left with BREXIT signs on the door.
In this room there are three desks with very helpful people dedicated to processing the applications very efficiently.

Just wait at the door until someone is free and they will beckon you in. When the paper work is done you will be asked place your fore finger on a little machine with a green light to take your finger prints, (all covid aware and cleaned).

No need for apprehension, I just gave in all the bits of paper and a photo and she handed back the bits she didn’t need and was perfectly lovely.

The lady I spoke to explained that this was her job now and so she is making the most of the opportunity to learn English. I complimented her on her efforts and received an extra big smile. Incidentally the man in front had not paid his fee and he was sent away to re-do the process with new appointments so don’t forget to do that part and have the receipt with you. You will be given a new piece of paper to come back and collect your new card in approximately 35-40 days. Next step make a new appointment online for that.

All in all we were in an out within 10 minutes and at least 20 minutes before our actual appointment time. Very easy, very efficient even for a Spanish languagchallenged couple! Next step is to make an appointment to collect the new card.


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Skipper / Hace 11 months

THANK YOU for this very helpful article, Just want to point out that knowledge of Catalan is. not required to be able to read the website as it is totally in Spanish


Many / Hace 11 months

Hi can somebody explain if I am a British woman married to a Spanish man do I get a different type of document


Melanie / Hace 11 months

I'm desperately trying to book an appointment as I only found out about TIE but the website will only give me the option to book an appointment in Ibiza or Menorca. Even after selecting "TRÁMITE PARA LA DOCUMENTACIÓN DE NACIONALES DEL REINO UNIDO (BREXIT) - MALLORCA" option. What can I do?


Spanron / Hace 11 months

Good article. That’s how it should work. My son in law went through the whole procedure as described, and had the card in his hand for 2 minutes. It was then taken away from him. He had his prints taken again and given another piece of paper to have another appointment. The system is very time consuming especially for families with several children - a separate visit required for each child meaning in some cases many trips to Palma.


Lisa / Hace 11 months

Just an FYI if you are a UK citizen married to someone who is a European citizen the card is different, as are the documents. The Brit Embassy spokesperson told me it was a pink card. More info to follow?!?!?


Ricky / Hace 11 months

Great article, full of detail. If only there were more like this in MDB on related subjects. Now, as previously stated in another post, how about some advice on how to change your driving license? Having finally found the correct form, I submitted it in person (almost by force, not easy for an invalid) to the DGT but they are STILL not accepting appointments. When will this madness end? Where is the much touted (the the embassy) new system to expedite this? Plus, try finding a gestoria to help. Good luck on that, there´s no-one. Unless some kind soul can enlighten me...