Dear Sir,

On the 30th July the Anglican Church held a service to celebrate the Queen Mother's birthday. Senior members of the island's British community were present and the service was well planned and in keeping with the standards expected.

For a company as prestigious as the BBC to have treated the church in such a shoddy and unprofessional way, beggars belief.
The two camera girls were dressed and acted in a manner that would be barely acceptable in a Magalluf bar. One particularly, seemed to think the occasion was a bit of a joke. Her casual behaviour, totally lacking in respect for those present was just short of blasphemy.

Half way through the service she went barefooted and on one occasion boredom finally took over and she was seen casually leaning against one of the consecrated portraits of the church's saints. All this plus them literally getting up people's noses with their poor camera technique made the occasion nothing other than a circus.

We are constantly told that the BBC are the standard that all other broadcasting organisations aspire to. GOD FORBID. The average member of the public rarely comes into contact with such bodies.

An experience such as last Sunday will only leave a bad taste that will remain for life.
I hope that bringing this matter to your attention might bring an apology from the BBC or at least encourage them to employ more suitable personnel.

Yours sincerely
Dr A.R. Jukes
British Dental Surgery
Palma Nova


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