Dear Sir, Your report (Edition 200) reminds me of a recent incident at Cala Monja. This isolated beautiful cove is paradise for both human and marine ecology.There were a number of people just enjoying solitude, others snorkeling and two groups taking lessons in scuba diving. Suddenly the peace and tranquility was shattered by the roar of 8 high speed jet skis. They careered around the cove with scant regard to either the rocks or humans, puncturing two of the scuba warning balloons. After quick swigs of wine and lager they threw the empty containers into the sea and were away out into the bay. Fortunately no one was injured but the submarine environment was surprisingly disturbed by the power of the jets. Perhaps, the time has come for each jet ski to be registered and numbered to make the individual easily identified. Similarly the owners should be required to record the passport details of each hirer so that they may be traced in the event of an adverse incident.
James L Hobbs.

Dear Sir, The Government has just announced we have the lowest unemployment rate for 25 years. They (and e.g.Toyota) simultaneously spout that being a “Non Euro” member is crippling British Industry. Come on! Mr Blair – who is kidding who. Either the unemployment figures have been massaged or the Euro argument is a non starter.
Anthony G Martin.103 Walker St, Eastwood, Notts.

Dear Sir, A puzzle for your readers, multiply together the number of passengers arriving and departing at Palma Airport by the distance walked to the various gates and add to the following: The time between gates and baggage pickup area, a frustrating and very tiring experience for the not so young. A lack of refreshment at gate waiting area, on departure. The feeling that you are going around in circles, and you will end up back where you started. Great Island Great Weather Nice People Awful Airport Design.
Yours Sid.


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