Dear Sir, recent editions of your paper have reported much on taxation mainly the tourist tax and tax dodgers obviously those in power have locked on to tax as a good hobby horse.

I would like to say that if the authorities take the view that “The tourists who don't want to pay the tax are the tourists we don't want” then may I suggest that another way of increasing tax revenue is to ensure that all persons who reside here for more than the permitted six months are enforced to either take out Residencia or be expelled from the island - for surely those are also the residents that we do not want!! I know of many people that live here all year and have done so for many years and pay not a single peseta in tax to either the Spanish Government or the Government of their original country, they will tell you that they don't need Residencia as they are members of the EU which in the case of the Brits is a classic as they are the least European minded of all of European nations but when it comes to pocketing black money they have no qualms. Black money is the reason for not taking out Residencia as that way they are lost to either system and the Spanish state is losing a lot of money and the illegals are laughing all the way to the mattress and at the Spanish Authorities.

Moreover a good number of illegals keep cars here with registration plates of their own countries - it appears to me that these are neither taxed in their country of origin nor here and likewise do not carry any ITV (MOT) Certificate - of which the authorities are so keen on advertising with regard to road safety. One wonders if they are insured?

So if the Balearic Government wants to gather more in tax then tighten up on checks on Residencia. What method they choose to use is theirs but with modern technology that should be quite simple - if other nations protest so be it - the Mallorquins promote themselves as being independant and proud of their heritage then let them stand up and get rid of the unwanted tourists and residents and make it a better island for all of us who appreciate it for its rich culture and beauty - rather than those who see it as a free ticket to an illegal tax free haven.

In simple language get rid of illegal residents and cheap and tacky tourists if as we are told the Authorities wish to make this a quality destination and island to live on.

Yours faithfully,
Alan Morris


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