Dear Sir,
It seems there is a good deal of sympathy on Majorca for the Skase family, and if Christopher is suffering a severe health crisis then common humanity demands that we respect the feelings of his loved ones.

Perhaps it seems that the issue of an arrest warrant against Mr Larkins at this time is vindictive.
But the fact remains, whether Majorcans who have a personal affinity with the Skases like to believe it or not, that many ordinary Australians I know placed their trust in Mr Skase to their regret. They are still awaiting the fulfilment of his promise to explain those “corporate debts of $A1.5 billion”.

Perhaps Majorcans would not be fazed by the disappearance of such sums, but clearly a vast majority of fair–minded Australians, over a good many years, feel justice would best be served by hearing what Mr Skase himself has to say on these matters.

Likewise, Mr Larkins also agreed to return to answer questions put to him before an Australian court. It was only after his repeated failure to do so that the warrant was issued.

In short, many Australians feel it's entirely appropriate that their government pursue those who may have committed gross fraud, in the end, upon the community.

Would the citizens of Majorca expect any less?

John Hampshire.Surry Hills. Sydney, Australia

The destruction of Majorca

Dear Editor,
I would like to congratulate Jacqueline de Catala on her letter published in Anne Kay's column last Friday. There must be many people who will agree with her.

In our own case, for over forty years we have been lucky to live in a quiet and unspoiled situation, among almond and pine trees. Within the last few months we are being almost surrounded by new high buildings, right up to our boundaries, taking away our privacy and blocking the views of the hills and forests we loved.

It is sad to see the pleasant Port of Andratx losing its charm and becoming a “concrete jungle”.

Barbara Robinson.Casa Barbara. Puerto de Andratx


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