Dear Editor, So, are the British to be known as the Black Sheep of Majorca? Is being disinfected as you come through the airport the absolute epitome of humiliation? Is it the pits?

Well, of course it is the pits, but then the fact that Britain seems to be source and spreading of all kinds of animal disease rather makes a mockery of the ultra control there has been for years on the entry of domestic animals, only recently made easier. My Majorcan in–laws have been attacking me for the cause of all the problems that are depriving them of eating what they enjoy most in our family parties..... meat!! The psychosis of mad cow, blue tongue and now foot–and–mouth is making them consider seriously the possibility of becoming vegetarians. Surely the spread of disease is encouraged by massive transportation of livestock from country to country, with the consequent suffering of the poor animals packed into the lorries like sardines...... sardines in tins are already dead, the transported animals sometimes end up so before arrival. This globalisation of markets is beginning to show the negative side of the account page, not just the positive one of supply for demand, and easier profits.

Britain enjoyed years of prestige, centuries in fact, when Britons ruled the waves, manufactured the best products, were the most respected when they travelled abroad due to their reputation and education. But I am afraid that gradually that prestige has been dwindling over the years, caused by what? Hooligans at football matches and those who go on drunken sprees on holiday; people who wander around cities wearing a minimum amount of clothing something I must assume they would not consider doing back in the UK; lack of respect for local culture; and more recently for not getting the act together about safe farming.

I am fully aware that I shall suffer the risk of having to be disinfected when I return from my next visit to UK, since I doubt very much that things will have changed much by May.

Anne Kay


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