Dear Sir, We've just about lived through the digging up of Pollenca! and survived. HAPPY EASTER! But, guess what, just when we were looking forward to the end of the winter, ON THE 1ST WEEKEND OF SUMMER TRADING the powers that be have decided it's a good time to dig up our street for maintenance of drains in Puerto Pollensa. Can someone please, please explain why this can't be done in the five months when there isn't a customer in sight? Do we have to allow the “powers” that control us to totally destroy everything that all businesses have striven for years to build up? It's quite clear to us that the people in charge don't care at all for the awful first impression an open drain gives, nor for the jeopardised businesses that still have to pay their taxes, nor for the future of Majorcan tourism! It's easy to see they're on lifelong easy-street contracts (with fiestas, holidays and pensions) and to hell with everyone else. Big question: given the huge 45% social security levied on employers to support their employees through the winter, could they not have done this work when we're all closed - given people work and lowered the cost of staff which prevent us all from even trying to open in the “off” season.

David, Janice Johnstone
Puerto Pollenca
Hope for cancer
Dear Sir, I am a 52 year old male who back in October 1999 I was diagnosed as having a malignant Cancerous growth on my left kidney. It was large enough to move the kidney onto the spleen. I was admitted to a local hospital and scheduled for surgery quite quickly, to remove the growth, kidney and spleen but during the operation it was discovered that they were all matted in with blood vessels and my surgeon decided not to operate but to leave it as it was and give me a course of Radiotherapy. This was carried out over a period of 30 visits to the same hospital late the same year and into 2000.

Since that therapy I have had scans ,x–rays and medication which has controlled it to a certain extent, but as it is malignant it can decide to invade any other part of my body as and when it feels like.

I write this letter not because I am complaining but to give hope to other Cancer sufferers, to talk to others about the illness, not to give up hope, adopt the attitude that I have Cancer and not Cancer has me and to thank my wife, Helen, daughters Amanda and Lisa for the love and help they have given me in the difficult times since surgery.

It is nearly 18 months since that surgery and in that time we have enjoyed the sun in your lovely island once, so much so that we have booked for another trip and hope to do so for many years to come.

John C Young


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