Where are those people who forecast that the Jubilee would be a dismal failure? Yes, all those who boldly forecast that the event would be a flop and that Britain had changed and that the monarchy had about as much future as Stephen Byers. I think what is more alarming is that these people who are allegedly in the know and who hold or held (?) important posts in the media and in lobby groups could have mis-judged the situation and the mood of the nation so wrongly. The Queen's Jubilee is already a major success. Support for the Queen stands at a record 80 percent. Britain has changed a lot in 25 years but it hasn't changed that much. Yesterday, I was at Western Park in Magalluf where a Jubilee Party was taking place. The scenes were quite incredible and I wish all those doom and gloom merchants could have been there. Britain wouldn't be the same without the monarchy and judging by what I saw yesterday millions of people agree with me. It may be old-fashioned, outdated but who cares!, the nation and the Commonwealth is proud of its Queen. Is it surprising? not really. I was in Australia when the referendum took place on whether they want the Queen or an elected President. The majority voted to keep the Queen.

Once again the anti-royalists both in Britain and Australia were forecasting a clear defeat. And it was a defeat but for them. The anti-royalist group will have probably had a quiet Jubilee. When they finally re-surface again it might be a good idea if they got their facts right first. It also appears that they are fighting a lost cause.

Jason Moore