Dear Sir,
I reside in Santa Ponsa near an area registered as a “Green Zone” i.e. an open space where no building etc can take place and is left natural and supposedly unspoilt.

The attached photos were taken yesterday of items left on this zone – this is only some of many that have been dumped over the last year or so – by whom I do not know – but the culprits are both stupid and ignorant. A service is provided by Calvia 2000 free of charge to local residents for the collection of items such as these.

There is much talk about making this a better island and improving the quality of life – though when one sees this – one wonders if it will ever happen. The times that one sees the rubbish containers over flowing and refuse left on the streets it would appear that a number of residents treat all public places as a refuse tip.

May I suggest that a campaign to educate – if that is at all possible – the type of people that perpetrate these acts is put in place – perhaps then they will learn to respect the environment and other people as well.


Alan Morris. Calvià