Dear Sir, Re: Calvia's Debt
Before the recent elections, Calvia Council's debt was openly being discussed by various sectors of the community and various sums of money being suggested (none confirmed or denied by those in power at that time). We now have a figure of 182 million euros/150 million pounds as the latest amount for Calvia's debt, and as a Calvia ratepayer who will eventually be expected to contribute (in money or by reduced services) to clear this debt, I feel several questions need answering:
1. Did the previous council ever publish a statement of accounts either yearly/4 yearly? If not, why not?
2. If the answer is yes, why were they allowed to go on spending/borrowing? You state that the level of debt within Calvia Council is illegal as it breaks guidelines set down by Spanish municipality bodies. Surely it is illegal for a Council not to publish statement of accounts. As for some debts/invoices being 12 months behind schedule, why didn't those concerned withdraw services or instigate legal action? When a Mayor, a few weeks before an election, borrows yet another 500'000 euros to finance a PARTY (how much, if any of this was repaid as the party was declared illegal?), we must ask just what was going on at the Town Hall. Over the past 12 years you already stated the amount of debt was illegal, surely it is also illegal to abuse/misuse public funds and those concerned should be answerable in a court of law (either by public or private prosecution).

Yours sincerely, M. Irving
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