Dear Editor,

l I CAN'T help but feel sorry for the poor souls on a fixed retirement that live in Majorca. (Article: BRITISH PENSIONERS SCRATCHING FOR A LIVING IN MAJORCA). However, I find it sadder that there is an article painting them as victims. In the article it was stated, “before Spain joined the EU and the Euro many Britons took advantage of the strong pound, which is good for people on fixed–incomes. However, since European integration, a weaker pound has meant people are often forced to return to the UK.” I really hate seeing people that live high when the exchange rate is in their favour complain when it goes in the opposite direction. How many times do you see someone complain about “I am making too much money on the exchange rate and don't really feel that I should be exchanging so many pounds?” As long as the people had the exchange rate in their favour and were living good from it, there was no problem. The day that the exchange rate turns around and bites them, all hell breaks out. Instead of painting these retired souls as charity cases, it would be best for them to first, research whether a life in Majorca is a possibility on their budget. Not everyone in life can live where they choose and do what they wish. It is called “living within one's means” These individuals, everyone must remember, are in Majorca by choice, not by force. If life in a foreign country is not economically feasible, the airport is moments away to take them back to their home country. Spain is no longer the backwards, cheap country that Franco left on his deathbed. Last year, Spain had the eighth best economy in the world. For better or for worse, Spain is heading straight into the modern world and with that comes the increased cost of living. For those that wish to continue to live here, either prepare for it or look for a cheaper country where the pound goes further. I would suggest that Judy Reddy spend less time attempting to raise money for the pensioners and spend more time educating them on reality. She thinks that 100 Euro a week pensions are disgusting but the reality is that asking for others to pay the bill so that the pensioners can enjoy the island is disgusting. How many people wish they could live in Majorca but don't because they accepted the simple fact that it was “beyond their means”?

Frederick A. Babb, By Email


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