Dear Sir,

IT'S two months now since the tragic and untimely death of Donal. It is now very important to me that everyone who has responded in such an amazing way, offering their sympathy and help to me and the family, should know how much they are all appreciated.

Yes, I have an exceptionally caring family, but every one of you, our friends are just as important to me, and your response has been so comforting. I am determined to answer all the cards, letters, faxes and e-mails, but they amount to almost 100, so it will take me a while! Everyone mentioned Don's unique personality and character and he has left us all with so many memories over the years. One particular comment sums up my feelings: “You are a lucky lady to have shared life with such an enormous character ....... hope you are drawing strength from those around you who admired Don so much”.

During the memorial service in the Anglican Church, a collection was made for donations to Cancer Research and the amazing amount of 3'745 euros was donated.

Along with the donation of 4'500 euros from Peter Allan during the charity auction held by Pinmar and a further private donation of 1000 euros, a total of 9'245 euros was given.

This is a large amount for any charity and I have looked very carefully into where it would be more effective. Eventually it was decided to donate 5000 euros to the hematology section of the Fundacio Mateu Orfila, here in Palma.

All the medical staff work on a voluntary basis and the money goes direct to financing research into blood cancers. 3.800 euros has been given to ASPANOB; the Balearic Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.

Again, the people concerned work as volunteers, looking after children with cancer and their families.
The balance of 445 euros was given to the Anglican Church, whose chaplain, Robert Ellis does such a wonderful job here for all who need him.
Thank you all,

Patricia Bullock


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