Dear Sir

OVER the last 6-7 years since I was diagnosed as having cancer and having visited the island only once before,my wife and I decided that for as long as I was able we would visit your lovely island as we felt safe and relaxed, we could walk the streets at night,travel on public transport into Palma thus saving expensive taxi fares.

The terrain allowed me to visit and walk in Can Pastilla while she took in the sun.
We found a lovely hotel in Can Pastilla (Luz Marina) good food, friendly staff and have up till 2003 only spent two weeks there. In 2004, we were made an offer for a weeks stay in April which we took advantage of, and again this year we will visit in April as well as our two weeks in August, but we are NOT sure if we will return in 2006. Not because of my health but due to the problems you have and are reported on a regular basis in your paper.

I appreciate Palma airport is a tremendous expanse of corridors and waiting rooms but do the authorities think they need six extra sniffer dogs for bombs as reported in your issue on the 12th February. Are they expecting an influx of bombs in or out?

At the same place you report countless amounts of drugs being seized there. Do you not think other airports need to tighten up their checks? In fact Palma airport police appear to be very relaxed and don't even look at papers properly so I am not surprised that unlawful visitors must hear this and feel it is a soft touch.

As for your roads a crash every 11 minutes (12th February) 25 drunk drivers (15th February) and in the same issue numerous fraudulent immigrants.
When we were there in 2003 two people were robbed in the vicinity of the hotel. In 2004, three people were robbed, one within yards of the hotel, being as there are 300 people in the hotel at any one time that amounts to one percent. Multiply that by the number off visitors and that is a tremendous amount of robberies.

What are the police doing about all these people who roam the streets in the summer pushing sunglasses into your face? What are the police doing about the thieves on public transport?

How many other visitors come to your island to leave only to dissuade others from visiting because of your problems?



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