By Jason Moore

THE winds of change are blowing through Britain. In Scotland, the Scottish Nationalists, are going from strength to strength with a growing number of Scots wanting a break-up of the United Kingdom. In England a growing number of people think likewise; that it is time that Scotland went its own way. In fact the latest opinion polls say that more English people want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom than Scots! What is evident is that all is not well within the Union. The time has come for Scotland to hold a referendum on independence but the English should also have their say as well. England is now the only home nation without its own parliament and while the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are allowed to decide on home-rule, the English are not. So enough is enough. Over the last 10 years there has been a major growth in English nationalism. The Union Jack has been replaced by the Cross of St. George. Why has this come about?

I believe that the Scots have rather overplayed their hand and now it is a question of either put-up or shut-up! With English and Scottish nationalism on the rise perhaps the time has come to clear the air and hold referendums on both sides of the border. It is not only a question of Scotland perhaps wanting independence it has now become an issue of whether the English would like to see them go!


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