By Jason Moore
THERE is speculation that Balearic leader, Francesc Antich, could be forced to call an early election as a result of the mounting cases of alleged political corruption and infighting within his own coalition government. If it wasn´t so serious it would be rather funny, two local MPs had to miss part of the parliamentary debate on the state of the Balearics because they were in court answering a serious of allegations. I, like many others, am pretty shocked at the whole state of affairs at the moment.

My initial thoughts are that until all the cases of alleged political corruption are resolved then home-rule in the Balearics should be dissolved and Madrid should take over. I know this will never happen but it is certainly an idea. The political scandals at the moment involve the Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionist Party, who formed the coalition government which ruled these islands from 2003-07. Should the election system be changed or should Madrid have a greater say in how these islands are governed? I think what is needed though is far greater controls to ensure that “no-one can put their hands in the till.” As regards early elections, well Antich may find that no-one want to vote after the past performance of our politicians.


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