THE question has to be asked; when is the city council going to do something about the illegal street drinking along the Paseo Maritimo? It is an absolute disgrace. Street drinking on such a large scale is illegal to start with; then you have all the mess (it takes a small army of cleaners to remove the debris every weekend) and then there are all the public disorder problems.

At a time when the Balearics is attempting to improve its image, one of the premier streets in Palma, with all the top hotels, looks like a war-zone at the weekends.

There is simply no excuse. Can you imagine if a group of holidaymakers decided to have an open air drinking session in one of the resorts?Quite rightly there would be an outcry so why is it allowed in Palma? Why does the council turn a blind eye to the problem? There has been much talk about moving the street drinking to another area; what a load of rubbish, it should just be banned like it has been in other parts of the country. If Majorca is ever to recapture its number 1 holiday spot position all these “bad habits” need to be sorted out. Enough is enough. Street drinking is banned for a reason. There can´t be one law for one and another for others.


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