By Jason Moore

I don´t think a film has generated so much interest within the expatriate community. Everyone I know asks me have you seen the Iron Lady, the film about Margaret Thatcher which is now showing at the Renoir in English. The simple truth is that I haven´t and I don´t really know if I will. What worries me about the Iron Lady are the images of Margaret Thatcher as a sick and elderly lady reminicsing about the past. Is this really necessary?

Couldn´t we just have a film about the life of an extraordinary woman who transformed Britain? Meryl Streep, I am told, is superb and will probably go on and win an Oscar. Basically, I agree with what Prime Minister David Cameron; the timing is just wrong. Now, Margaret Thatcher will always be a controversial character. She has many fans but also a small army of enemies. The Thatcher years is a topic which I try to avoid at dinner parties because everyone has such strong views on the subject. Obviously, any film about her life will be controversial. While I appreciate the fact that the Renoir is showing the film I think I might pass and wait until the Iron Lady appears on DVD. When it comes to the cinema, I am rather old-fashioned, I go to the pictures to be entertained and want to leave the cinema either deep in thought or with a smile on my face. I don´t think I will leave the Renoir with either if I go and see the Iron Lady. So for that reason I will pass and perhaps go and see the War Horse, which is coming soon.


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