By Jason Moore
NON-Spaniards now represent about 16 percent of the population of the country. A large proportion of foreign residents these days have come to Spain to work and therefore contribute to the economy. However, this ever-growing group of people are excluded from one very important thing; they or more to the point WE will not be able to vote in the general elections in March. Why? Our limited voting rights extend to council and European elections but that is it. By the look of things at the moment this state of affairs is not going to change. In their election campaigns the ruling socialists have ignored the foreign community totally while the opposition Partido Popular says that we must all learn Spanish. I don´t understand it; how can you ignore two million people or say that foreigners should learn Spanish when at least half of non-Spaniards in this country come from Spanish speaking countries! I am sure that the majority of foreigners living in Spain would love to vote, it is such a shame that they will not be given the opportunity.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Palma city councils for organising a soundless firework display! As you will have read, to save damage to buildings such as the Cathedral the city council have decided that the display to celebrate San Sebastian will be soundless but very colourful. Thank you Mayor Aina Calvo my dog will certainly appreciate it! I have always thought that fireworks were a complete waste of time. However, I am sure that the council is going to face some sort of backlash from firework lovers who usually flock to Palma in force for the display.


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