By Jason Moore

I was going to write in this space today about the shock resignations of Shadow Chancellor, Ian Johnson, and Downing Street press chief Andy Coulson and even Tony Blair appearing at the Iraq war inquiry. But before I put pen to paper I had a quick glance over our Facebook and I was quite amazed to see that the heavy snowfall in Majorca yesterday was big news. No mention of Coulson, Johnson or even Blair, just that snow had fallen below the 200 metre mark on the island and it was freezing!

Yes, there certainly was a snow buzz around Palma yesterday and not even the most optimistic official at the tourism ministry would mention winter tourism! The bad news is that the cold weather is set to continue into the weekend. Until recently snow in Majorca was relatively uncommon and it is still big news when it does fall. I would say that this must be one of the coldest winters on record. Snow on the island of sun, sea and beaches, is still about as common as a winter tourist, thankfully! And as regards Mr. Johnson, Mr. Coulson and Mr. Blair, while their stories may be big news in Britain I have to tell them that in Majorca they have been knocked off the top spot in Majorca by the snow. Does that tell us anything? Well, yes political scandals in Britain are common snow in Majorca isn´t!


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