By Jason Moore
SO the British community in Majorca is only 10'000 strong according to official figures. I don't think so! I am sure that it is almost double the size if not bigger. What I find amazing is that so few British residents are prepared to register with their councils despite the obvious advantages which include discount travel to the mainland and the other islands and also the ability to vote in the next local elections. There are some bright points though. In Calvia an estimated 3'500 British residents are registered but still only about 1'000 elected to vote at the last local elections. If they had all voted then it could have secured a majority for one of the main parties and there would have been no need for the coalition council. I am sure that there are more than 70 British residents in Soller, if this is the case then I know them all! The same can be said for Fornalutx. I was amazed to see that there was only one British residents in Estellencs, if so I would like to wish him or her many congratulations on choosing a town which is so scenic and picturesque. According to the official figures there are no British residents in Escorca, a state of affairs I find quite amazing. My advice to all British residents is register with your council, there are no disadvantages and plenty of advantages. The local elections are just around the corner and it is very important that we all vote.


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