by Jason Moore

NO one doubts the courage of Prince Harry and his dedication to his country and his grandmother. But after watching the television documentary about his operational tour through Afghanistan, I think that he needs reminding that he is a Prince first, and an army officer second. The reason why there is media interest in him is because he is the Queen´s grandson not because he is an army captain. He can expect people to be interested in him and his private life. That is the price he pays for having a royal title. His tour in Afghanistan has been closely managed by the Ministry of Defence who struck a deal with the media. Footage and interviews with the Prince would be delayed until he returned from Afghanistan. I suspect that the news-desks of the London papers have been bombarded with photographs of the Prince taken by soldiers serving alongside him in Afghanistan. It is all quite normal. If Harry wants to be a “normal” serving army officer then he should relinquish his royal status, otherwise he is going to have to learn to live with the media. That is the sad truth. And infact he gets some very good press which has made him even more popular with the British public. The Prince deserves credit for wanting to go to the frontline and serve his country. There were big risks involved for both him and the British army. He must remember that he is not a normal soldier and it could have turned very ugly. Why? because he is a Prince.


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