Dear Sir, Greece looks like defaulting on her bank loans after fiddling the books for over 10 years.
The banks however demand their pound of flesh, out of fear that a Greek default will encourage the “Club Med” states, Portugal Spain and Italy to follow Greece.

If any private person had falsified his accounts and official documents to fraudulently procure a loan, he would be prosecuted. Not Greece.
Greece is simply laughing at the bankers who knowingly gave her billions despite knowing all the time that Greece (Or Germany) would never pay it back. The bankers got huge commissions for aiding fraud. Greek politicians got re- elected for spending money obtained by fraud.

Don't expect our moral-free EU Parliament to do anything about rewarding honesty or trustworthiness or introducing credibility in politics.
Gary Bonsall

Dear Sir, In regards to the Editor´s and Mr Fleming's comments in today's paper I would like to make the following comments.
Tesco is having a very hard time indeed in the USA and will most probably close down operations there.
Very few British busInesses have succeeded in the USA, especially those dealing with the general public.
Over here things aren't easy either.
Davos just goes to prove how out of touch the “powers that be” are with the man in the street and the “real” economy.
I also would go on an all inclusive holiday, paid for by the taxpayer.
Discuss business ? I doubt it. What is disturbing, to put it lightly, and politely, is that these so called experts got us into this mess, and, worse still, have absolutely no idea how to get us out of it.

Mind you, with their massive salaries and pensions, are they going to try?

Simon Tow


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