Re: Tourism
I read with interest your article on tourism the other day in which TUI apparently are saying that if the hotels can get their pricing right and the complementary services in the resorts remain open in the winter months they will bring more people and put flights on.

This is obviously very encouraging, then it goes on to say that the Balearics has to offer MORE all inclusive as this is what the customer wants.....
So how can the complementary services remain open if the people who are coming don´t spend any money outside of the all inclusive hotel that they have booked????

Do any of these people actually know the resorts of Calvia, where thousands of people have put their lives into their business which is now suffering partly due to all inclusive.

These resorts were never meant to be all inclusive.
Complementary service businesses were positively encouraged and needed to provide for the numbers of tourists that visited the resorts.
If the people who deal with tourism in government here were to actually take an intelligent and honest look at tourism in the Balearics they could see that it is not JUST the hotel industry that they need to work with and support.

I am tempted to say “wake up and smell the coffee” but I fear they have gone to sleep and will never awaken.

Linda Ledwidge