Dear Sir,

Wednesday's Daily B predicts a tsunami (tidal wave) of 3 to 4 metres high to hit Majorca any time in the next 500 years. This would be generated by an earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale from a geological fault line just off the coast of Algeria. Contrary to common belief the Japanese had planned for tsunamis.

The Fukushima Nuclear Plant was designed to withstand a wave of 6m. Unfortunately the Earthquake was much stronger (8.9) than planned and consequently the Tsunami much bigger than expected – more than double - 14m. Translated to imperial measure a jaw dropping 46 foot wall of water.

I have checked with the Government's Master Plan for my beach – the Playa de Palma www.consorcioplayadepalma.com and there is no mention of a 4m high wall all along the beach.

I've just popped back from checking.
There is a kind of wall up from the sand to the promenade but it is only one metre. I live in the middle of the beach, 400m from the sea, the last house in a Cul de Sac but still only 4 metres above sea level! This is typical of the entire beach development so it would all be annihilated.

While I wait for our own Hadrian's Wall to be built I'll take a leaf out of an old friend's book.
A similar doom and gloom scare took place in the 80's and he turned it to his advantage by introducing the “Tidal Wave” cocktail in his Buckingham Palace pub bang on the Can Pastilla beach.

I'm waiting for his reply to my email as to its formula so I can fix myself a strong one.

Mike Lillico

Playa de Palma