Dear Sir, Wonder if your readers have the same experience as I have had with posting post cards home to England.
In march we bought four cards and four stamps in an Arta tobacco shop and was advised by the owner to put themin the red box outside his premises, which we duly did. They were correctly addressed with post code etc. None of these arrived so when we came back in May I went and told the shop owner as I felt cheated he had taken my money and they had not arrived. He was adamant they would arrive?

As I needed to send some again I decided to go to the news agent in Colonia near Arta and get four more and the stamps.A very nice lady in the shop told me the yellow box service and the red box service were challenging for the market?I duly sent two on the 2nd week in May and two the third week in May, posting them in a red box outside her news agency.

To date 29/06/13 non of the cards have ever arrived and although I would like you to print my letter I would rather you investigate the postal service as it is taking money by false pretenses. I did originally use the yellow boxes which were incredibly slow ( one month from posting in September) and at least they arrived.

D Wood

Dear Sir, Delighted Mr. Lee finds my IQ ‘reasonably' up to standard and now that I realize we are ‘old pals' I can even overlook his patronizing tone. Although I don't dispute some of his ‘facts' per se, I think he just went back and cherry picked the ones which suited his argument and ignored the vast majority which don't. I could easily thumb my way through the many UN resolutions and International Court of Justice judgments to make my case, in fact I'd be hard pressed to find any in which Israel is in compliance. From Amnesty International to Human Rights Watch to B'Tselem (Israeli Information Centre of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) to the Goldstone Report, when the European parliament passed motion in March 2010 by a vote of 335 to 287 demanding its implementation and recommendations, including accountability for all violations of international law, including war crimes. This despite a protracted smear campaign mounted by Zionist interests in the US and elsewhere against both the Report and the man himself. Mr Lee is perfectly entitled to make his case for Israel and I applaud him for it but given Israel's track record on international law I suggest he find another route to make his point.

I'm sure this will be written off in some circles as the deluded rantings of a blinkered left wing Guardianista but all the facts tell all the story. There is a huge injustice in Palestine today, perpetrated by a massive Israeli war machine coupled with a sleek PR campaign and in connivance with America, who routinely turns a blind eye to Israeli misdeeds. No talk of no-fly zones or arming of rebels here. As to Mr Lee's final ‘fact', his distinction between an Arab Israeli and an Arab Palestinian just proves my point of an apartheid system operating within the ‘only democracy in the Middle East'.

Steve Humphries